Roll out of the ‘FELLOW OF THE INSTITUTE OF HEALTH VISITING’ award scheme for 2014/15 will start Friday 25th July

In May, we successfully launched the ‘Fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting’ (FiHV) pilot and in June identified the iHV’s first Fellows:

  • Karen Afford, Education and Clinical Lead, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
  • Melita Walker, Health Visitor, City Health Care Partnership CIC
  • Alison Morton, Health Visitor/ Practice Teacher, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Elaine McInnes, Practice Teacher/ Project Manager, Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust and Professional Development Officer, iHV
  • Justine Rooke, Health Visitor/ Practice Teacher, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Minister Dan Poulter and iHV Fellows

From Left to Right: MP Dan Poulter, Dr Cheryll Adams and iHV Fellows Elaine McInnes, Justine Rooke and Melita Walker (July, 2014)

Earlier this month we started the next phase of roll out of the scheme which is designed to acknowledge 150 exceptional health visitors, spread across England, who are demonstrating excellence in practice and have made a real difference to health outcomes.


As a FiHV you will be known as a health visitor who ‘pushes the boundaries’ and has an entrepreneurial spirit. The Fellows will come from a variety of backgrounds and whilst most will be from clinical practice, some maybe from education, and research. The Fellows scheme will deliver a country wide group of expert and confident health visitor leaders who will be of significant benefit to their organisations as they manage the transition of the health visiting service into local authority commissioning. It is expected that the Fellows will become local ambassadors for the iHV as well as a unique resource for their employers and peers. Through their direct links to the Institute they will be well placed to support the integration of new policy and research into practice and to help develop the next generation of health visitors.

Each Fellow will undertake a Fellowship development programme to develop their leadership capacity and will have a personal mentor. Some can chose to also join an iHV academic development programme.

In return, this honour will provide successful applicants with professional development and expert mentorship to and give each Fellow professional authority.



 We would like to hear from you if you are an:

  • Associate of the iHV working in England
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience in health visiting
  • Can evidence continuing substantive contributions to the profession and have the support of your service users, peers and organisation


You will be able to access the application forms on the website from 25 July and the closing date for submission will be 13th August. We will aim to notify applicants of the outcome week commencing 2 September.  



There will be one further opportunity to apply for the Fellow award although once we have identified 150 Fellows we will stop ‘recruiting’. It is therefore in your interest to apply sooner rather than later.  The final recruitment period will start on 2 September and close 18 September, with notification of the outcome week commencing 6 October .


For more information please email Anita McCrum, FiHV Project Manager at Anita.McCrum@ihv.org.uk