We run the Fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting (FiHV) award scheme, and are always looking for exceptional health visitors to join us.

The Fellows scheme will deliver a country-wide group of expert and confident health visitors, who will be a significant asset to their organisations as they transition the health visiting service into local authority commissioning.

The next round of applications for the
Fellows Award is now open and will close
10am Tuesday 16 September

What is a Fellow?

Fellows are health visitors who are delivering excellence in practice and have made a real difference to the health outcomes of children and their families. They will be professionals who 'push the boundaries’ and have an entrepreneurial spirit. While many will be from clinical practice, some will also come from education and research.

What are the expectations of a Fellow?

Fellows will act as local ambassadors for the iHV as well as being a unique resource for their employers and peers. With their direct links to the iHV they are well placed to support the integration of new policy and research into practice and to help develop the next generation of health visitors.

What does the iHV expect of their Fellows?

To be fully honoured as an FiHV, applicants undertake a four day FiHV development programme to develop their leadership capacity.

Could you be a Fellow?

  • Are you an associate member of the iHV working in England?
  • Do you have at least five years’ experience in health visiting, or can demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities with firm evidence of positive outcomes for children, families and communities
  • Can you evidence continuing substantive contributions to the profession?
  • Do you have the support of your service users, peers and organisation?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, and would like to find out more about being a Fellow, please complete the application or contact
Anita McCrum, FiHV Project Manager by